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Charles A. Filius
866-206-9066 ext.6905

"You should shop for men the way you shop for shoes or puppies or tomatoes.
 And it's not easy ~ You can't tell all the important things about a man just by sniffing him 
or squeezing him or walking him around the block."

Stephanie Brush

'Men: An Owner's Manual'

Work Experience

A consummate professional, Charles has worked in virtually all phases of the graphic arts from production through management. Layout, Design, Logos & Corporate Identity Packages, Newsletters, Cartooning, Illustration, Web Design, Cross Platform Computer Graphics, Slide Presentations, Publication Design, Custom Marine Graphics, and Advertising just head this list of his areas of expertise. 

You name it. He does it. And does it well. 

Please contact to arrange a portfolio review or check on availability.

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