A Kartoonist in Kansas!


Personal Highlights from the National Cartoonists Society 58th Annual Reuben Weekend

Don Peoples came to Kansas City
all the way from Akron, Ohio,
and all he got to show for it
was posing with me.
My guess is he feels pretty ripped off.

Guy Gilchrist ("Nancy") graciously agreed
to have his picture taken with me.
Then he slipped me five bucks
and asked me to park his car.

Looking quite dapper with my friend,
Benita Epstein.
I find her hysterically funny.
She thinks I'm hilarious.
In essence, we were having a meeting
of the Mutual Admiration Society.
The reading of the minutes
brought down the house.

Cartooning legend, Arnold Roth,
proves that graffiti is suitable
anytime, anywhere.

Keith Robinson ("Making It") and Charles Filius strike a pose.
The pose struck back. The free-for-all that followed wasn't pretty.



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