Sprawling Snapshots of the 2008 NCS Reuben Award Weekend
May 23 - 25, 2008

ROAD TRIP! For some dumb ass reason I opted to drive to New Orleans. What was I thinking?

Welcome to Arizona but, for the love of God,
don't park here.

Clearly the self promotional budget of New Mexico
is on the skimpy side.

Oklahoma City at 80 mph. I never saw a sign welcoming me to Oklahoma. The rejection I felt was unbelievable.
Just ask my therapist.

Texans encourage you to "Drive Friendly--the Texas Way."
I can only assume this means firing a warning shot
over the head of anyone driving a foreign pick-up.

I stopped along the way and visited my birth father, Everett.
Genetics scare me.

Bunkie, Louisiana. BUNKIE? Seriously... BUNKIE?

I guess they ran out of names.

Finally, I arrived at the Ritz Carlton in New Orleans.
This is the basement entrance.
You don't make enough to see the main entrance.

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