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Charles A. Filius was born in a house he helped his father build in a small town 2800 miles east of Los Angeles. His career in cartooning began within the confines of those early formative years of grade school... which were spent happily filling in all those wasted, empty margins so common to all text books of that ancient era.

Charles takes great pride in his cartooning. He also takes great pride in the fact that he has never been featured on America's Most Wanted (although some claim that is due to lack of ambition on his part).  He's half the calories of other cartoonists and nine out of ten dentists surveyed recommend Charles over gingivitis. Don't ask about the tenth dentist... he's just gross.

Charles can do whatever you ask (with the exception of striking a match on a bar of soap). If you expect him to be patronizing, however, it will cost extra. He is the one cartoonist who dares answer the age old question: "How many surrealist painters does it take to change a light bulb?" (The answer is, of course, "A fish.")

Don't bother with the rest, try the best and you'll never go back. Charles is worth the investment. Consider him for your next project and help keep him off the streets. It's best for everyone involved...


The Wizard of Oz

"Transported to a surreal landscape, a young girl kills the first woman she meets,
then teams up with three complete strangers to kill again."

Actual Listing in the TV section of the Marin, California, Independent-Journal

I Draw Cartoons!

My Favorite TV Show!
(when I was 6)

My First Love
(when I was 6)

My Second Love
(when I was 6 1/2
and discovered leather)

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The Wizard of Oil

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A Cartoonist
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I was a Band Geek in High School!

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