Artwork by Guy Gilchrist

The Tim Rosenthal Award for Volunteerism is intended for chapters of the NCS to recognize those “unsung heroes” who do extraordinary work for the Chapter. Well, this certainly describes Roger Armstrong. I can think of no one more deserving of this honor than Roger. He graciously allows us to meet each month at his studio. The fact that we’ve been banned from most public places is, for the most part, a vicious rumor.

Our visits are not limited to our monthly lunches. We are welcomed with open arms at any given time or day. Roger always has time to entertain the artistic strays from the street. He helps organize our various lunches, gatherings and other social brouhahas; he jumps in to assist and promote us in any way he can without hesitation. When I need a helping hand, Roger is always right there extending his. Roger was a founding member of the Southern California chapter and he helped organize both the meeting at the art school there as well as the dinner. He's been a longtime chapter servant. As chapter chair I can honestly say our chapter is stronger for it.

To say that Roger Armstrong is a legend in our profession is a gross understatement. The natives in the hills sing songs about him. If you pick up a pen for a living chances are that you have been influenced by this man in one way or another. Whether it is improving your own technique, discovering a new perspective of your art or even realizing a greater love for a profession you already adore, I believe it’s safe to say Roger has had his hand in it. Roger told me that he has been drawing since he was ten years of age. Be polite and don’t start adding on your fingers when I tell you this, but that means he has been wielding a pen for nearly 78 years. To do something you love for 78 years is nothing short of a true blessing. Not only for him but for us as well.

His love for the field of cartooning is contagious. You can’t help but be enthralled by his work and his words. Roger holds many titles: cartoonist, educator, artist, water colorist… but the one we focus on today is that of “friend”. A friend to our profession, a friend to our organization, a friend to our chapter. And a friend to each one of us in this room today. And it is for that, Roger, we very humbly thank you.


July 31, 2005
Charles A. Filius
Orange County NCS Chapter Chair

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