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International Soundex Reunion Registry (I.S.R.R.)
The International Soundex Reunion Registry is the world's largest reunion registry and is a free service.  Register with them today!

Alison Larkin
This Life: Why my adoption is a laughing matter. When British adoptee Alison Larkin found her American birth mother in Bald Mountain, Tennessee, she moved to New York and became a stand-up comic. Five years later, with appearances on Broadway and two development deals behind her, she wrote a show about her re-union. The English American, in which she plays her adoptive mother, her birth mother and herself was a hit at this years Edinburgh Festival and opens in LA in September, produced by Irene Pinn, producer of the Lily Tomlin specials, before going to New York in 2002. A live recording of the show has just become available on c.d. and can be bought on her website which includes a comprehensive adoption referral list, a bio and press coverage.

Unlocking The Heart of Adoption
Through the lens of personal testimony Unlocking the Heart Of Adoption takes an unprecedented look at the lifelong impact of adoption blending the three unique points-of-view of the adoption triangle - adoptees, birthparents and adoptive parents including same race and transracial adoptions. This film is a "must see". It is informative and moving. I cannot encourage enough the significance of this film.

Organization for Adoptees - Search and Individual Support.  A New Jersey based support group for ADOPTEES ONLY, with a mailing list and monthly support group meetings.  The concept behind OASIS is to provide search help and support in a setting safe for adoptees to discuss their fears, feelings and issues surrounding their adoption, their search and their relationships with adoptive and birth families.

Terri's Self Discovery Page
The personal story of one damn fine fellow bastard!

Sandy Musser
Adoption Author & Activist. Sandy was indicted by the federal government and sent to prison for reuniting families. I know that sounds outrageous, but that's exactly what occurred.

Granny Annie's Blog
All things about adoptee rights as seen through Granny Annie's eyes.

The Daily Bastardette
The Daily Bastardette features commentary by Bastardette on issues of identity and adoptee rights including open records for adult adoptees, Baby Moses/Safe Haven laws, and any other atrocity the adoption industry and its paid lobbyists--not to mention deformer "friends"--can devise to maintain The Adoption Culture of Shame. It is an independent blog and not connected to any organization.


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