"Use your breath, your precious life, and change the world's ways for all of us.
Know we were loved by at least one silent heart.
Be strong, and love each other, and the world will surely change."

by Gavriela Maxime Ze'eva Person


"They told me about you
- all about you -
and that it was your energy
that was the engine of BN."


"We will remember you forever."


"There is pride in who you are
and what you know is the right thing.
Your artistic talent, combined with your tenacity
would leave me awestruck. "


"I have drawn my passion from yours.
My drive has been interwoven with your own
while my art cries out for a lost sister
who is never really gone.
My words fail to walk the corridors
lit so brightly by your own brilliance.

But I keep trying..."

-- Charles

"Fuck, Gavi, I loved ya. 

Ya split the ship,
ya sunk the treasure.
Damn. What the hell
were you thinking?"


"In that bastard embrace,
we speak to each other. 
You speak to us.
And we are changing the world."

-- Marley



"We should feel good about who we are.
This magnificent woman chose us
to give over her heart, passion, and talent to.
A spirit like that chose Bastard Nation as home,
if only  for a short time.

She called this home and she called us brethren.
This fact offers me great joy, pride, and solace."





"Read up on Schopenhauer's "Will."  Bastards are the beings that are born
despite what anyone else involved wants or plans.  We force our way into
the world; we are the Ubermunchkins. Munch on that."

Bastard born and Bastard bred

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